pool waterproofing – DRY120 POOL

The only waterproofing membrane installed over existing glass mosaic tiles using tile adhesive

The membrane sheet’s special geotextile fibres drain water vapour produced as the tile adhesive sets and shrinks, preventing the development of bubbles and guaranteeing a bond that is 100% resistant compared to any other waterproofing system.

system advantages

When completing repairs, the sheet is installed directly over existing tiling, glass mosaic tiles, etc. This property offers several advantages: it reduces installation time, saves labour costs, there is no need to rebuild the pool basin and it is cleaner.
As installation is so simple, no previous experience is required. The membrane sheet is directly bonded onto the substrate using class C2 TE S1-S2 tile adhesive. Special adhesives are only required for very specific surfaces such as metal, PVC, wood, etc.
Our system saves time as, once installed, the sheets can be covered immediately.
The membrane’s special design dissipates movements due to the pressure of the water in the pool, preventing fissures and cracks or detachment of the coating material, which are usually vitreous mosaic tiles.
The reduced thickness of the membrane, just 1.2 mm, produces a minimal increase in the size of the pool basin; no more than 2 cm, including the coating material.
The membrane’s flexibility and elasticity ensure a perfect finish in all angles, coving, corners and steps.
Thanks to our SEALPLUS and BIPLUS, adhesives, we guarantee a complete seal at the union between the membrane and the most critical points, particularly where additional waterproofing is required such as jets, skimmers and lights.
The special geotextile backing drains any moisture that may filter through the swimming pool basin due to negative pressure (from out to in).
The system can be used to repair critical or specific areas of the basin.
Unlike liquid waterproofing materials, the DRY120 POOL membrane is unaffected by rain during installation work, thus ensuring perfect execution without incurring additional labour or time costs.

excellent dissipation/crack bridging

compensation of vapour pressure in the pool basin

low pH and chlorine resistant

construction details DRY120 POOL

new build

  • 1. Coating
  • 2. Class C2TE S1-S2 tile adhesive
  • 3. DRY120 POOL membrane
  • 5.SEALPLUS adhesive
  • 6. DRY50 BANDA 13X30
  • 7. Substrate
Pool waterproofing 13
Pool waterproofing 14


  • 1. Coating
  • 2. Class C2TE S1-S2 tile adhesive
  • 3. DRY120 POOL membrane
  • 5.SEALPLUS adhesive
  • 6. DRY50 BANDA 13X30
  • 7. Old coating
  • 8. Substrate
Pool waterproofing 15
Pool waterproofing 16


Pool waterproofing 17